For any size business in any industry, reliable power in the event of power failure or a blackout is often the difference between minor inconvenience and total disaster. Both your customers and employees rely on the continuity of your most crucial business operations. No matter how effective your evacuation and emergency plans are, nearly all of these critical elements of running your business rely on continuous access to power.

Simply keeping the lights on is only a small part of business continuity in the event of a power outage. The uninterrupted operation of your computer systems and servers, continuous operation of elevators and building security systems and the overall safety of employees are all reliant on consistent power during a power outage.


Ensure Business Continuity in 4 Easy Steps

Step one

Have thorough documentation of your electrical power distribution system. These systems in commercial operations are often very complex, so this documentation will help you become aware of the areas in which uninterrupted power supply might be needed.

Step Two

Identify the areas of your business that will need access to emergency power in the event of a blackout. Remember: your standby power solution will likely not provide power to your entire operation should you lose power, so it’s important to prioritize which areas of your business are crucial for continued productivity.

Step Three

Determine the type and size of commercial generator needed to supply crucial parts of your business with uninterrupted power. Proper planning and sizing of your generator is crucial to ensuring that your organization has the right amount of standby power to maintain productivity.

Step Four

Determine the right type of continued maintenance and monitoring is needed to keep your standby power system operational. Even a high-quality generator relies on expert maintenance to continue operating throughout a power outage.


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